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About B-SIDE

This DJ has spun @ the hottest clubs in over 30 countries! Been featured and photographed in over 12 international music magazines; Performed live broadcasts & interviews on more than 10 global radio / video stations. You name it, Australia, Japan, Holland, U.K., Germany, all over the U.S., Canada & everywhere in Latin America.


Let us not forget, he is a longtime supporter of the local underground music scene in all formats. B-SIDE is most known for appearances at the W.M.C./Ultra Music Festival, DJ Expo, Amsterdam Dance Event, Club Space, Metamorphose (Japan), Hot Beats Fest. (Argentina); and his residencies at Clubs in / Miami, FL / D.F.W., TX. / New Orleans, LA, Mexico City & Guadalajara, Mexico. Plus he's performed with & opened for various groups/acts such as: Guru (Gangstarr), The Chemical Brothers, The Pharcyde, DJ Q-Bert, E.P.M.D., Jesse Saunders, Mark Farina, John Acquaviva, Josh Wink, Will.i.Am, Diplo, Craze, Lil’ Jon, Kenny Dope & Lil Louie Vega (MAW), Jazzy Jeff & more!


Learning to play more than 6 instruments before he was12 years old; musically B-SIDE has done everything from DJ-ing to Music Production, to Sound Engineering, A&R + Managing, Product Branding & Development, Radio Broadcasting, Marketing, Writing, Teaching, Philanthropy, Photography, & even Choreography! With production credits that range from George Clinton, to the D.O.C. & Erotic D, plus underground (white label) remixes of Erykah Badu, Limp Bizkit, Daddy Yankee vs. UB40, Kanye West vs. M.A.N.D.Y, Prince and others… He's considered "The Only DJ Not Afraid To Mix & Remix It ALL". 


Over the years B-SIDE has been known to play & produce cutting edge House & Electro, Breaks, Hip-Hop, Latin, D&B/Dubstep and Disco. This combined with his skills as a Turntablist places him in a class all by himself. A man two busy for time, B-SIDE promotes several events, tours internationally, & consults for audio manufacturers . In addition to running his own company, he has just returned to FL and into the studio after a long hiatus and relocation. Expect to see and hear more about this fascinating individual in the near future.

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